Warm Your Belly with Hearty Soup

by Thea Miller

Nothing drives away those chilly winter blues like a hot, hearty bowl of soup. We love all the soups: creamy, brothy, chunky, meaty and meatless. 

Soup Mixes

Homemade Doesn't Have to Mean from Scratch

Sierra Soup has been Brennan's fave for years and newcomer Cooke Tavern is a fantastic addition to our line-up. Sierra Soup ($5.99 each) offers hearty bean and lentil soups, like Tuscan Peasant, Lentil, French 5-Bean, and Italian classics like Minestrone and Pasta e Fagoli, just to name a few. 

Cooke Tavern Soup ($6.99)  has some creamier varieties with Butternut Squash, Tomato Bisque, plus a yummy Corn Chowder and Chicken Tortilla. 

Want the Delicious Flavor with Hardly Any Work?

Try  Chef Adam’s Famous Chicken Noodle Soup. Made in house with slow-simmered rich chicken stock, amish chicken, thick noodles and lots of vegetables, this soup is what to eat the minute you get the sniffles.

Smokehouse Chili

If it's heartier soup is what you crave, try our House-Made Smokehouse Chili. Perfect for game days or any day. We love serving it shredded cheddar, green onions and a dollop of sour cream.

Both our Chicken Noodle & Smokehouse Chili our $12.99 qt and available to heat and serve in our deli along a rotating selection yummy soup varieties. 

What Goes Better with Soup than Salad?

We love salad no matter what month it is and think that salads taste better when piled with seasonal fruits and vegetables. Here are a few of our favorites featuring winter citrus.

Salmon Citrus and Avocado Salad
Smoked Salmon Citrus Salad with Avocado
Bright citrus, smoky salmon, briny feta, and creamy avocados combine in this flavor-packed salad!

Sumo, Pomegranate and Pumpkin Seed Salad
Sweet, savory, salty and crunchy= a delicious salad

A just because it’s delicious salad– Chopped Italian Salad
We’ve been seeing chopped italian salads all over social, so here’s our classic recipe.


Be sure to visit Brock in our beverage department for wine, craft beer and non-alcoholic soup and salad pairings.

Happy Soup and Salad Eating from Your Friends at Brennan’s!