Wisconsin Irish Coffee

by Thea Miller

Wisconsin Irish Coffee
To make this simple cocktail recipe, you’ll need hot coffee, Irish-style whiskey, & Connolly’s Tom & Jerry batter. Recipe makes one cocktail; they’re easy to make in multiples! This recipe highlights Wisconsin producers – but you can sub your favorites!  


1 ounce Hatch Irish-Style 1916 Bourbon
1 ounce State Line Coffee Liqueur
2 tablespoons Connolly’s Tom & Jerry Batter
6 ounces hot brewed Brennan’s coffee
Whipped batter or cream topping
Irish Cream for a sweetener


1. Pour the whiskey, liqueur and 2 tablespoons Connolly’s into a heat-safe mug. Pour in a splash of the coffee and stir with a spoon until the batter dissolves into the coffee.
2. Pour in the rest of the coffee. Taste, and stir in additional batter or Irish Cream if you would like a sweeter drink.
3. Top with whipped T&J batter or whipped cream.
Serve while the drink is still warm!