Welcome Our New Website!

by Thea Miller

First things first. Our deepest apologies that we took so long. We wanted to get it exactly right to accommodate our customers both near and far. 

The site offers lots of features that our old site didn't. The biggest difference is that you can shop for gifts and shop for yourself. When you shop for yourself, you won't receive gift packaging or have the ability to add gift messages. 

Here's how it works starting with sending gifts. 

Want to Send a Gift, Two or Ten? 

You can select from two options on the drop-down menu: "Classic Cheese Boxes" or "Create A Gift".

Classic Cheese Boxes

1. You can select from our eight hand-packed gift boxes packed with our best-selling Wisconsin cheeses.

2. You will enter your gift message right on the product page.

Brennan's Classic Cheese Boxes

3. You will enter your address/addresses at checkout. If you are shipping gifts to anyone besides yourself, check this box. You will enter addresses at checkout. 

Ship to Multiple Addresses

 Create A Gift: This a new feature. 

1. You will select the number of items you want to send.

2. Then select your items from the dropdown menus. You can add cheese, mustard, granola, preserves, etc

Select Your Items

3. Just like the Classic Cheese Box, you will enter the gift message on the gift page. 

4 If you are shipping gifts to anyone besides yourself, check this box. 

 ship to multiple addresses

Want to Shop for Yourself?: This is a new feature

1. Select "Online Shop" from the Menu Bar.

Online Shop

2. Here you can choose from cheese, preserves, granola, relish, and mustard.

Online Shop

3. You do have the option of shipping to multiple addresses; however, you won't be able to include a gift message or have gift packaging. In addition, we will not hide/remove pricing. 

Ship to yourself

We hope that you find our new site to be user-friendly. 

Thank you again for your patience!