New Year's Eve Cheeseboards & Bubbly

by Thea Miller

Bring on All the Cheese & Bubbly for New Year's

You can certainly make a meal of the cheeseboard below or create an impressive appetizer spread. If it's melty cheese you crave, whip up one of our two gooey fondue recipes below. Last but not least, discover Brock's bubbly NYE picks. There's something for everyone. 

NYE Charcuterie and Bubbly

This Ulimate NYE Cheeseboard is a showstopper and let's your creativity shine! 


  • 1 soft cheese (Brie, Blue, Gorgonzola, Goat)
  • 2 semi-soft cheese (Gouda, Sweet Swiss, Havarti, Brick, Jack, Abergele, Farmer Basil)
  • 1 hard cheese (Aged Cheddar, Parmesan, Aged Swiss)
  • 2 cured meats - Salami, summer sausage, Finnochiona, Soppressata, Loukanika, Saucisson Sec, Chorizo, Prosciutto
  • baguette slices
  • assorted crackers and breadsticks
  • nuts (almonds, cashews, pistachios, pecans, walnuts)
  • or Cinnamon Roasted Nuts or Fortune Favors
  • fruit (grapes, figs, apple slices, pear slices, dried apricots, dried cranberries)
  • other (marinated olives, fig preserves, roasted red peppers, mustard, sun dried tomatoes, pesto, tapenade)

Assemble ingredients all over the board until the cheese board is completely full and you can't see the board.

New Year's Fondue, Anyone? Let's get dipping! 

Brennan's Classic Fondue A rich blend of Emmenthaler and Gruyere, perfect for dipping bread, veggies & sausage

Champagne Fondue A twist on classic fondue

Sparking Wine

We've covered the cheese... now onto the sparkles... here are Brock's New Year's Eve Bubbly picks.  

Dry Sparkling Wines
Bervini DOC Prosecco Rose
Reg: $20.99 SALE: $16.99 / 750ml
A delicious blend of traditional Glera and a bit of Pinot Noir. This Italian sparkler expresses notes of wild strawberries, raspberries, rose petals, and citrus. Juicy yet brisk acidity keeps you crazing more. This is a really nice bottle to celebrate the new year or simply for enjoying on the regular with a variety of dishes from simple salads to decadent desserts.

Antech Blanquette de Limoux Reserve
Reg: $24.99 SALE: $18.99 / 750ml
‘This is rather gorgeous. It curves, light as a feather, round the tongue and purrs like a cat. Crisp green apples, candied lemon peel and a dab of sherbet sparkle bright as crystal over a base of sugared almonds. Don't even begin to compare this with champagne or any traditional sparkling wine – it's in a different category altogether and needs to be judged as such. This is quite a special Blanquette.’ - Jancis Robinson

Sweet Sparkling Wine
Mawby 'City' Michigan Sweet Sparkling
$18.99 / 750ml
City is an exciting sparkling wine celebrating your city and her people. This cuvee is produced from traminette, riesling, cayuga and muscat wine grapes from various vineyards which are carefully harvested and gently pressed. After fermentation the flavorful young wines are blended before being fermented in the cuve close method, producing the delicate natural effervescence. Finished Sweet (5.0 % residual sugar), the wine has muscat-like aromas, rich flavors; and is both full and sweet on the palate with balanced acidity.

Innocent Bystander Pink Moscato 
$13.99 / 750ml
Blend: 70% Muscat Gordo, 30% Black Muscat
Intense, primary aromas of cotton candy and black currant, with musk, Turkish delight and mandarin peel in the background. Rich in flavor yet refined by cleansing natural acidity. The spritzy dissolved carbon dioxide also leaves a refreshed palate. Such a fun and carefree wine that still tastes wonderful - great for a party!

Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine
Selbach Funkelwürtz 
$19.99 / 750ml
Funkelwürtz translates to “Spicy Sparkler” which is how Johannes said that the wine tasted the first time he tried it. This is a slightly effervescent and aromatic wine from grapes grown in the Mosel. Johannes ferments the wine to around 30g/L of residual sugar. Johannes then sends the finished wine to a facility that uses membrane technology to remove the alcohol. This NA wine is refreshing, crisp, and very easy to drink while maintaining the complexity that the wines from Selbach are known for.


From all of us at Brennan's, we wish you healthy and happy New Year!