Father's Day Gift Set 2023

by Thea Miller

Create Your Own BBQ Gift Set

Does your dad make you come out and look at the meat while he's grilling, but only from a distance in case you might try and touch it? Does he have a holster for his tongs and spatula? Does he insist that he's taken care of the whole meal, when meanwhile your mom is inside getting all the plates, and condiments and making all the side dishes? If so, then your dad is the perfect candidate for a BBQ gift set hand-selected by you! Here are just a few ideas to get you started. 

Grill Sauce and Rubs for Father's Day

Kabob It At Home Mediterranean Marinade: This will be your new kitchen staple! Pick your protein, marinate for 30 minutes & cook until the desired temperature. It's that easy! The mix of lemon juice, olive oil, tomato paste & spices will leave your dad feeling like a professional chef in no time. $6.99 each

Croix Valley St Louis BBQ Dry Rub: Infused with the perfect blend of spices and ingredients, this rub is like a flavor bomb that's great for any meal on the grill or smoker. And it's not just for ribs - this rub is perfect for chicken, pork, and more. $9.99

Terrapin Ridge Hot Pepper Bacon Grill and Wing Sauce: Roasted red pepper puree, jalapeno peppers, rich tomato sauce, and real bacon, combine to create an addictive Grill & Wing Squeeze. You will want to squeeze this on everything you grill. $8.99

Brownwood Farms Jalapeno Cherry BBQ Sauce: This sauce delivers on the sweet – but has a little extra heat! We used our original Cherry BBQ Sauce recipe and added chunks of jalapeño and a few not-so-secret spices to give it a real bite. Try it on wings, nachos, jalapeño poppers, or even drizzled-over french fries! $7.99

PS Seasoning Memphis BBQ Sauce: Smoky, sweet and tangy, this sauce is sure to get you all shook up. Love it tender on ribs, chicken, pulled pork or any other legendary BBQ eats.

3-Year Aged Cheddar: A must for cheeseburgers! Use it to make our recipe for BBQ Cheddar Burgers.

Terrapin Ridge Garlic Kraut Mustard: Brat and hot dog lovers, rejoice! This mustard is mouthwatering on grilled sausages. $7.99 

Now, just add a shiny new spatula and tongs from the hardware store, and pack it all up in a gift bag or basket and you'll have a happy dad!