Brock's Oktoberfest Drink Picks

by Brock Cummings

For the last week of Oktoberfest, we want to highlight two of our favorites from Munich itself!

- Ayinger Oktoberfest is a traditional, Märzen-style beer. A bit more malty richness, darker caramel color, subdued hop aromas and a bit heavier on the ABV - this is ideal for evening campfires and gathering around a shared meal.
- Weihenstephaner Festbier is a modern festbier-style that you would find at the celebration in Munich. Lighter in body and color, with a bit more hoppy aroma and a crisp finish - this style is what you see consumed by the liter (a bit more refreshing for late September warm weather!)

Brennan's Mix and Match Ciders

Don't limit your Oktoberfest Celebration to beer, though. Hard Cider pairs perfectly with hearty autumn fare. Check out our lovely mix & match selection of hard cider - we have a mix of local cider made with local apples and a few seasonal favorites from outside of Wisconsin. These are great options all season long so stock up today and get ready for some sweater weather!