Be My Natural Wine Valentine

by Brock Cummings

Wine is romantic. It just is.

From the story of the vineyard and winemaker to the lovely warmth that slowly encompasses your body to the sensual glassware and elegant aromas and flavors of a special bottle, wine is certainly a perfect choice to share for a most romantic Valentine’s Day. While we have a selection of wonderful winemakers represented from all around the world, we find some of the most romantic stories come from our Natural Wine producers.

These folks tend to have a much broader view of their vineyards and wines and what they represent. Often living among their land with extended family, hand harvesting grapes with help from neighbors, fermenting their fruit with native yeasts and microflora to create unique and complex aromas and flavors representative of their lands.

Many of these producers are tending biodynamic farms as part of their lifestyle: raising livestock, vegetable gardens & fruit orchards, rotational pasture, cover crops and of course, grapes, all while allowing native plants and predators throughout the vineyards and farmland to control invasive or undesirable weeds & pests. Much of the work is done as it would be on an old-fashioned Wisconsin dairy farm; by hand, at all hours of the day, in all weather, typically shoulder-to-shoulder with family members all contributing to the farm and its products. Biodynamic vineyards are all about balance and self-sufficiency – pretty classically romantic if you ask us.

Another romantic aspect to most Natural Wines? No external chemical inputs are used in the vineyard or in the cellar. Those that are used are a part of the farms’ natural ecosystems. Fertilizer? Only the natural kind from livestock and organic waste compost. Pesticides or herbicides? Only if you consider chickens and pigs. Sulfites, dyes, added flavors, stabilizers and preservatives in the cellar? Nope – just the basics. While it may seem primitive, these farms are  tightly managed operations that need to maintain a constant balance amongst the diversity of the farm to keep everything performing at its peak. It's a very old-school, back-to-basics approach - and in the modern age of wineries that can literally run themselves - it doesn’t get much more romantic than that.

So if you are looking for a bottle that has a romantic story, some catchy packaging and some very good wine inside – not to mention being done in the most sustainable way, come on into Brennan's Cellars and let us help you choose the perfect wine for your valentine!