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Brennans Market

Brennan's Market

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Fresh Fruit

Washington State Pears

Brennan’s is “pearing-up” with Washington state to bring you the finest pears in the country. The northwest’s favorable environment, including a rich volcanic soil, abundant water and an ideal temperature range enables the growers to produce pears with a delicate flavor and buttery texture.

We have yellow bartlett pears right now and will be getting more as the season progresses. Each variety has a distinct character, texture and flavor. Pears are one of the unique fruits that ripen best off of the tree.

When selecting pears in the store, look for those that are firm, fragrant, and unblemished. Remember that they will continue to ripen and develop their full flavor and juiciness after you buy them. You can’t judge ripeness by color, as many pears do not change color much as they ripen. There’s only one way to test ripeness, and it’s definitely a hands-on experience. Simply apply gentle pressure with your thumb to the neck of the pear near the stem. When a pear is at its peak and ready to eat, it will yield slightly to gentle pressure.

Pears take on a new character when combined with cheese and wine. The flavor, scent and texture of each complements the others and creates a taste sensation second to none.

Stop in at Brennan’s and try these northwest treasures.

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